Yachting FAQ

Q. What does a yacht charter broker do? A: They will help you every step of the way with your charter, similar to how a real estate broker handles things for you. There is no cost for you to use a charter broker, the fee is paid by the yacht owner.

More Yacht Info:

  • A yacht charter comes with a captain and crew. This is different than a standard boat rental, making it much more luxurious and worry-free.
  • A charter broker will help with you every step of your trip, such as choosing a destination and a yacht. They will also help you with the financial issues and logistics.
  • The price of a yacht charter can work out to as little as $5000 per night per person. It really depends on how many people you are taking with you, where you are going, and how big a yacht you would like.
  • The yacht will have a private chef to cook only the types of food that you like best. Ahead of time you will fill out a questionnaire, telling the chef your favorite foods, and listing any food allergies and dislikes.
  • Payment – Typically, 30% is due up front, with the rest due a month before you leave.
  • Charter yachts come with all sorts of recreational equipment, such as snorkeling and fishing gear. Many also have jet skis and other more adventurous supplies.